Kirkwood.no Gallery Oslo

On May 11. 2005 Greta Kirkwood Andresen opened/established an art gallery with a social profile in Oslo, in conjunction with (however independently from) the Third Step Gallery in Glasgow and Kirkens Bymisjon (The Church City Mission Oslo).

The philosophy and intent was to support the less fortunate members of society, in particular people suffering from drug & alcohol addiction – through visual awareness, however without there being a religious content or other attached to the above. The architect behind the concept of the gallery (and founder of the Third Step Gallery in Glasgow) Peter Howson, is one of Scotland’s most celebrated, yet controversial artists. He is widely known as the War Artist in Bosnia and Kosovo, being the official war artist in Bosnia for the Imperial War Museum in London, along with his controversial paintings of Madonna.

The concept was spawned by Howson’s painting The Third Step. Howson was on permanent show in Kirkwood.no Gallery during that time period, along with predominantly renowned Norwegian artists, as well as a few other British contemporaries. Kirkwood.no Gallery was exploring pragmatic solutions to assist the fellow man, hence the balance of art with social commitment – with the profit from sale of art work being returned to the less fortunate members of society through The Church City Mission Oslo.

The Church City Mission Oslo were chosen on the background of their contribution and work to assist people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. They are a highly respectable, and widely acknowledged organisation for their work to support recovering addicts in Oslo. They work for, with and among the people of the city, especially with the less fortunate members of society. They engage in preventative methods to assist people, to relieve suffering, promote justice and to be an “unconventional church” in the city on the street where other congregational life does not extend.

Greta was Gallery Director (Curator) of Kirkwood.no Gallery from 2005-08.